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Be Live Brisas Santa Lucia & Cuatro Vientos Hotel
Be Live Brisas Santa Lucia & Cuatro Vientos Hotel
Santa Lucia, Camaguey
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The largest province of the country, Camagüey is a major cradle of the Cuban culture.

It is in the streets of unique layout, the seigniorial large houses, plazas and churches, that was born Nicolas Guillen, the National Poet of Cuba. Of vital importance in the history of Spanish-American poetry, his long time friend Garcia Lorca classified Guillen as the most important poet of the XXth century on the American continent.

Camagüey is also the home of the prestigious ballet company Ballet de Camagüey, the second largest in the country and among the 20 top ones on an international level.

The province also counts on a fabulous Symphonic Orchestra, also among the most important ones of the continent.

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